Restorative Yoga—Postures (Asanas) for Vata Balancing

Vata season in general is from October through February, starting in most parts of the country when the weather cools off and leaves turn color and fall off the trees and ending with the onset of spring. Vata is associated with a windy, dry, and cold climate. As our external environment changes, it increases Vata in our own internal environment. This is when it is time to change our daily routines and diet so it is in tune with the physical changes in the environment. By living in tune with the natural laws of the season a sense of balance can be maintained and we will be able to build a stronger natural immunity against the bugs that tend to attack during colder weather.” — Maharshi Ayurveda

Instant Maui (modified Viparita Karani)


Contra-Indications: moon cycle, pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart related problems, eye issues, neck problems, epilepsy, previous stroke or sinus problems, apana (downward and outward flow of energy) inflictions
Minutes: 20-30
Props: chair x 1, blankets x 3-5, eye pillow x 1
Special Concerns: support bottom ribs, legs at a 90˚ angle, tailbone can hang off props

Supported Corpse Pose (Savasana)


Contra-Indications: sunburn, pregnancy, pacemaker, acid reflux, cough, PTSD, inflictions when laying down
Minutes: 20 daily!
Props: blankets x 2-4, bolster x 1, eye pillow x 1,
blocks x 2 (optional)
Special Concerns: support the head and neck, chin should be slightly lower than the forehead, elbows should stay grounded, support Achilles tendon

supported head & neck detail


Special Concerns: chin should be slightly lower than the forehead, bottom of blanket supports the top edge of shoulders, top of blanket supports C7 (Cervical Spine),
neck, and head

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