this is buddha

I cherish the opportunity to be a yoga student in class along with other students on a weekly basis. It’s a beautiful space in which to cultivate my own practice and learn from the light in other teachers. We are all our highest and best teachers on and off the mat.

I finally made it to Restorative yoga class this evening after missing last week’s class. The instructor, a fellow Yoga Yoga trained teacher, also happens to be my partner, John — I truly love his classes.

This is what Lubbock, Texas looked like today. windy and brown.


The wind was outrageous today. whew ~ the sky was brown and there was dust everywhere.
As my wind-blown hair and I arrived at the yoga studio for class, I could hear the wind knocking the trees around and blowing against the building. The force made a continual banging sound as the sides of the building braved the wind.

A bit annoyed at the sound of what I thought might be a very distracting Restorative yoga class, I leaded to the student next to me and commented on the loud sound of the building clanking in the wind. I said, “wow, that’s loud! (and a bit annoying)”. She smiled and said “I like it!” She went on to romantically describe how fun it was that the wind was so wild and that our wildly windy West Texas town was kind of exciting!
I smiled and shook my head agreeing with her positive perspective.

As we settled into the first Restorative yoga pose, the sound of the clanking building and blowing wind faded away, quickly.. surprisingly. I floated into a familiar space, surrendered to support of the props below me, feeling my own heart beat and listening to the air pulling into and out of my body. Then I sunk a bit deeper, dropping into a relaxed calm space. It was soft, familiar, unexpected.. and quiet..!

I realized that before class began, I had placed an premature expectation of my experience, imagining that with the loud and disruptive wind — I couldn’t possibly find peace in my practice tonight. However, my fellow yoga student offered me a beautiful gift — a simple change in perspective along with a bit of encouragement to surrender. Her encouragement helped me to accept the state of our wildly windy West Texas town, embrace it, and not let it hinder or distract my willingness to participate, open, and receive my practice.

I had an incredible practice this evening! I surfaced from the final Restorative yoga pose feeling balanced, calm, and grateful.
I am so thankful for my fellow yoga teacher and partner,  for my fellow yoga student and perspective-changer, and for the wildly windy West Texas town where I live, it’s kind of exciting! :)

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