supta = reclined + baddha = bound + kona = angle + asana = posture
Supta Baddha Konasana = Reclined Bound Angle Pose, the Supported Edition

Often called the “Snake-Oil” pose of Restorative Yoga, after 20 minutes, you’ll understand why. Open tight hips, soften the belly, broaden through the sternum and collarbones, and relax the shoulders back and down with this widely loved and practice Restorative Yoga posture. Don’t let the lengthy set-up deter you from practicing this posture, it’s totally worth it!

Reclined Bound Angle, the Supported Edition

blocks x 2
yoga-blanket x 4
large bolster x 1
eye pillow x 1

Time Length:
20 minutes




1. At the head space of your mat, set 2 blocks 6″ or so apart from each other. One on the medium height, the other on the shortest height. Place the large bolster on top of the blocks, the tallest height will be under your head.

2. Fold 2 yoga-blankets individually in half 4 times (fringe to fringe, fringe to fringe, fold to fringe, and then fringe to fringe). These will serve as hand support.

3. Fold 1 yoga-blanket in half 3 times, on the longest side. This will serve as a bind to create resistance and support around the ankles and under each femur.

4. Fold 1 yoga-blanket in half 4 times (fringe to fringe, fringe to fringe, fold to fringe, and then a short fold fringe to fringe to create a stair-step). The head and neck will be cradled within this support. (for supported head and neck detail, click here).

5. Sit in front of the block and bolster support, legs extended forward, with your tailbone backed up to the edge of the bolster. Slightly forward fold and inch your way back until your tailbone is right against the bolster. It is important to remove any space between the props and tailbone. Lay back and settle into the head support. Let the soles of your feet come together as your knees bend to each side allowing your legs to make a diamond shape. Use the long fold blanket around the ankles and slightly tucked under your legs to create resistance and support. Use folded blankets to support your arms and hands on either side.

6. Cover your eyes with a small and light-weight eye pillow. Relax and enjoy!


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