Restorative Yoga Teachers Unite!

Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure to meet Sandy, a fellow Relax and Renew certified Restorative Yoga teacher.

Sandy emailed me a few weeks ago, telling me that she found my contact information on the Restorative Yoga Teacher directory. She told me that she was traveling from St. Augustine, FL to study with our common guru, Judith Hansen Lasater, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and searching for Restorative Yoga classes along the way. She was very excited to have found my listing in the city in which her sister lives, Lubbock, Tx! (wow)

We had a lovely exchange via email and I learned that Sandy is a 71-year old yoga teacher who started teaching this summer. She was traveling to further her Restorative Yoga practice and was very interested in learning how other Restorative Yoga teachers actually teach the practice.

Sandy, and her younger sister, attended my Friday night class as HWY108! She brought such a beautiful energy with her.

As yoga teachers who teach Restorative Yoga we are well aware of our personal preferences in propping when it comes to Restorative postures. I enjoyed seeing her variations in class and loved that she elevated her legs and feet into a “Stonehenge” pose during Savasana. (Keeping in mind that Savasana is any posture in which the head and heart are on the same level.)

After class we GEEEEKED out about Restorative yoga. We talked about sequencing, favorite postures, propping, props, and shared a bit with each other about our yoga communities. Sandy commented on how lovely it was that so many “young people” practice Restorative yoga in our community. (Yay, Lubbock Texas!)


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing Restorative yoga with Sandy! I hope that our paths cross again in life. namaste

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