Home Sweet OM

About 40 days ago, I turned in the keys to the house I had lived in for the past year, boxed the majority of my belongings and moved them into my Sister’s garage (eternally grateful to her for holding space); I separated out my”essentials”, loaded them up in my car — and hit the road for Austin. I sublet a minimal and perfect place in Austin while I was attending an advanced teacher training course at Yoga Yoga: Anatomy and Sequencing for Injury Prevention.

I’ve traveled to Austin frequently for teacher training over the past 3 years. I usually commute back and forth, but this time the need for shift in my life was tangible.

My first plan of action was to buy an Unlimited Yoga pass to Yoga Yoga. I’ve heard of many amazing yoga teachers at the studio and usually I’m just not in town long enough to go to all of the classes I would like to. So, I made yoga one of my priorities — obviously. These periods of shift in my adult life have all be coupled with copious amounts of yoga. There is nothing more intimate and connecting than being with your own body, breath, and internal vibration — allowing you the space to truly listen, within. I attended class, almost everyday. I met many new and amazing teachers, and practiced in new and profound ways that made me think: “thats the kind of teacher I want to be!”

A few weekends of my journey were spent in Yoga Teacher Training as well. One of my all time favorite places to be! I learned so much incredibly valuable information that I feel will impact my teaching and continue my own personal practice in a sustainable way. The instructor for this course, Mark, is a beautiful mix of technical anatomy — the location and function of the serratus anterior is firm in my mind; and the yogic philosophy — Universal Truth.We learned about existing injuries, how to safely modify and how to sequence for injury prevention. Beautiful! We practiced many of the teaching theories first hand and were hummed into relaxation by the sound of Mark chanting and playing the harmonium. Pure bliss! I had some of the deepest moments of relaxation during this training. Overall, I felt very nourished and positioned to receive information from the great linage of yoga. A true reflection of my dharma and the feeling that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

While learning and gaining inspiration from so many teachers, I sought out being my highest and best teacher, as well. Exploring my modern view of renunciation through non-attachment, Aparigraha. The idea of becoming free by giving up attachment to material things, places and/or people — all things that we can’t take with us when we leave these human existences.

Practicing material non-attachment came easier that I thought it would. I realized a few days into my extended stay that I packed too much. When I packed my “essentials”, this also included my office essentials (because I work from home), kitchen supplies, and a few (too many) plants. I had the idea that having my things — would make me feel more a home.

However, each day I found myself on my yoga mat and in meditation away from the things that I do not consider “essential”, away from my family and friends — in a city that I did not call “mine” and yet the feeling I received was completely comfortable and familiar. I closed my eyes and it didn’t really matter where I was, physically — because I noticed that the feeling, the awareness was the same, whether I am in Austin, Lubbock, or traveling somewhere else. This comfortable awareness, feels like coming Home. Even miles away from the physical place I call home I realized that I am already home, within. Yokeing (yoga) to the higher power, the OM — and non-attachment to everything else. Jai!

This isn’t to say that I do not value the things, places, and beautiful people in my life, but rather than holding on to them and developing the feeling that I simply can’t live with out them, I am cultivating the space to be content with or without these blessings. Which has made me very grateful for them!

I feel a sense of freedom knowing that my relationships with my family and closest friends grew even stronger when I was away from them. I loved my time in Austin, now I am loving the time I have back in Lubbock, and I look forward to loving the time I’ll spend traveling this year and potentially even relocating at some point in the future. This sense of freedom has truly come from finding my home within the OM! What a blessing!

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