7 Tips for Grounding


Ever have the feeling of fatigue, worry, anxiety, or just disconnection somewhere in your life? When we intentionally ground ourselves and connect to higher power, we reap the benefits: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These simple tips offer a guide for you to cultivate that feeling of being connected and grounded, no matter where you are.

1.Follow a regular daily routine, aligning with the rhythm of nature.
Wake with the sun and sleep with the stars. As the sun shines through our windows in the early morning, we can begin to wake up along with nature. And as the sun sets, our bodies begin to do the same. Spending a few moments outside under the stars at night, reminds us of and re-connects us with the universe in which we live.

2. Start the day with self-love: self-massage.
Abhyanga, or self-massage is a powerful ayurvedic tool before or after a shower, and has healing qualities: increases circulation, alleviates dry skin, releases toxins, and its calming for the mind and nervous system. Place warm oil in your palm and massage each of these points: your face and outer part of your ears; neck and upper back; arms, using a back-and-forth motion over the long bones and a circular motion over joints; a circular motion over your heart and a clockwise motion over your abdomen; massage your legs, using the same long motion over your leg bones and a circular motion over your knees; then use the open part of your hand to massage vigorously back-and-forth over the soles of your feet. Allow the oil to soak in, however many minutes you can spare — from 2 to 20, and then take a warm shower. Show your body some love and start your day feeling balanced, ready to take on anything!

3. Cultivate balance with asana.
Yoga asanas have the potential to dissolve impurities in our tissues, enhance immunity, and even prevent us from being overweight. But too much exercise can be damaging or create fatigue, furthering our feeling of being un-grounded. The amount we exercise depends on daily fluctuations of energy, change of the seasons, age, and body type. Vata needs less exercise; Pitta needs moderate amounts; and Kapha needs more intense exercise in order to stay in balance. The seasons follow another pattern: if we want to increase our exercise, winter and spring are the best times to do so. Exercise should feel energizing and blissful, so listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs to cultivate balance.

4. Meditate daily.
Meditation helps calm our mind and body, bringing the sense of feeling grounded. Twenty minutes twice a day, or however long you can dedicate, offers a means to restore balance and open a powerful awareness of our self and the deep connectedness to the world we live in.

5. Put pen to paper: journal.
Writing worrisome or unwanted thoughts into the pages of a private journal is an inexpensive and therapeutic way to release energy that may be keeping us from feeling grounded.

6. Earthing: grounding literally.
Take off those shoes and walk on the Earth, barefoot! Earthing allows your body to discharge excess energy back into the earth. If you have the tendency to lock or hyperextend your knees, the connection between your feet to the earth and the rest of your body is disrupted — a simple micro-bend to your knees allows your entire body to receive energy from the Earth below you. Bend those knees!

7. Rest well.
Our body heals itself during sleep, so sometimes all we need to come back to ourselves is rest, deep rest. Quality sleep is essential to maintain balance. Know how much sleep you need to function at your highest and best and let this be your target each night. Prepare yourself for sleep by slowing down, dimming the lights around your house, disconnecting from electronics (tv, phone, tablet), and just enjoying calm leisure activities the hour before you go to bed.

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