Trading Resolutions for Intentions


The end of the year, the beginning of a new is a wonderful time in which we can pause, reflect, and align.

Future-oriented “New Year’s Resolutions”, or goals from the mind are common at this time of the year. Many of our resolutions tend to involve some sort of sacrifice or work, contributing to the idea that something needs to be resolved or fixed, or something is lacking.

These future-oriented resolutions may be unrealistic, demanding, or self-defeating. And set us up for pressure and maybe even failure; leaving us feeling doubtful, defeated, or un-loved when we can’t complete what we set out to.

Self-defeating resolutions no longer sit at my table of life. However, intentions are always welcome guests.

What exactly is an intention?
An intention connects us with our calling, the domain of the heart and soul. It provides us with the opportunity to take action aligned with our heart’s desire and that of our own unique path.

When we set an intention, we are aligning with our heart’s desire. Nothing is incomplete. We already have everything we need. Intentions are goals and actions sprung from the heart, not just a to-do list of what we think needs to change.

When we set intentions from our heart, we leave room for the divine, rather than limiting ourselves to just our own thoughts. Inspiration from the divine is the trust that we don’t have everything figured out — but we are headed in the direction we are meant to — in order to learn the lessons, cross the paths, have the experiences we came here to have, and become who we are meant to be. We just head in the direction of our aim, with a clear and open heart & mind and trust the process.

Examples of New Year intentions: be of service, volunteer, enjoy, know my true nature, find my voice, feel free, do all things with love, be happy, hear my inner guidance, practice self-love, etc..

With encouragement and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, aim in the direction of your calling, and ask yourself:

What is it that your heart truly wants/longs for?

What misaligns you in your day-to-day life?

And now, make a list of intentions aligned with your highest purpose.

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