7 Tips for Grounding

Ever have the feeling of fatigue, worry, anxiety, or just disconnection somewhere in your life? When we intentionally ground ourselves and connect to higher power, we reap the benefits: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These simple tips offer a guide for you to cultivate that feeling of being connected and grounded, no matter where you … More 7 Tips for Grounding

Finding Balance

Last November I was sick and could feel an imbalance in many areas of my life. I had heard about Ayurveda, often referred to as “Yoga’s Sister Science” but didn’t know much about it. Or know anyone accessible to me that did. So, I spent an entire weekend online – researching the ancient practices of … More Finding Balance

just breathe

As a previous allergy sufferer I spent over the past decade searching for the allergy cure all. Aaaaand, I have determined that there isn’t one.. However, through a crafted combination of natural, herbal, and Ayurvedic treatments — I can truthfully say that I am no longer suffering from allergies. woot! I wrote about the miracle … More just breathe