In-person, phone-call, or video call

An Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation is a thorough assessment which includes an evaluation of diet, lifestyle, and general health and a traditional Ayurvedic pulse reading (if in-person). The consultation can address your individual physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns. Depending on your area of concern, lifestyle or diet modifications, and/or natural herbal treatments will be recommended. Your initial consultation will be an hour and includes a follow-up, via phone, video conference, or email 3-6 weeks after your appointment.

Please note: You will be emailed forms to be filled out prior to your consultation. These forms will be reviewed in-person along with your wellness assessment at the consultation.

Individual: $108


“Val mentioned Ayurveda to me after a Restorative Yoga class and, intrigued, I scheduled a consultation with her. We went through a comprehensive assessment of my lifestyle, diet and physiology then she presented me with personalized recommendations. In the one month or so since I have been gradually instituting her suggested changes, along with lots of gentle yoga and a mostly vegan diet, I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life. I highly recommend Val to help you along the path to enhanced health. She is a shining light! “- Melissa

“For over a year I’ve had health issues with my digestion and absorption due to several abdominal surgeries.   Val’s Ayurvedic diet strategies, and holistic approach to healing was a turning point in my recovery.  I truly appreciate the help and insight I received during my Consultation.” – KS